The Cause


AT GF WE BELIEVE IN 360 DEGREE VIEW: In a narrow circle the mind gets constricted, the more one enlarges the canvas, loftier become the aims! The world as we see around us is a world of extremes, inequalities and disparities. Nature has also made similar provisions. Where there is light, there also is darkness, where there is day there also is night. The society that we live in is also a mix of similar extremes. Poverty, illiteracy, malnourishment, unhygienic living conditions move alongside with the riches, affluence, glamour, sophisticated lifestyles like the two banks of a river which the journey of life flows. The time has come to reduce these disparities and overall uplifting of the society. Global fighters is a Non Governmental Organization [NGO] located in the NCR for the care and protection of:

We strive to achieve our goals by a variety of programs through both National and International participation. We are also trying to support women artisans who know traditional Indian Handicrafts, which are getting lost in the modern era. We firmly believe that by working together as a community of likeminded individuals and entities we can make a positive difference and can keep the handicrafts of India alive. We invite you to look around our website and see all what Global Fighters does. It has dedicated itself towards activities which are supportive of its objectives and has set itself to work for the tribal's, backwards, under privileged and deprived sections of the society. The underlying objectives are to ensure an overall qualitative improvement in living style and creating a healthy socio economic environment of society. Our goal is to provide our precious children comprehensive program which will help them develop into healthy and independent adults.


Environment Protection

Global Fighters has diversified in another wing.. Plantation to a Green and a Clean India . Here we have joined hands with Root saps ( an organization that works towards plantation of saplings ) We have done projects with Hospital Artemis