Shalini Diwan


If you dream the impossible you can make it possible. Shalini Diwan, a fashion and wellness enthusiast has always dreamed to see a society structured in such a way that Smile, and happiness rule every heart. Completing her education in Delhi and fulfilling all her commitments and responsibility towards her family the burning desire to help the society remained embedded in her sub-conscious. Dream of setting up an NGO came into existence through meeting likeminded people, like Himanshu Chaudhury, Sushma Karki, Noor Subba and Veeta Singh and thus Global Fighters came into existence. With a positive approaching towards life and her magnetic aura, the approach and connecting to people was not difficult. Helping out young children in education, counseling women in their difficult times emotionally and physically came to her naturally. Thus, she chose to be the spearhead of NGO ... Global Fighters.