Our Work

Educate A Kid

Education Global Fighters Foundation focuses on improving the conditions by which girls, especially those in the marginalized communities can access quality education. Education is an important tool that enables women and girls to participate in decisions that affect their lives and in improving their social status. GFF provides training from professionals so that they can earn extra income and contribute to their family needs and educate their children in better schools.

Women are the backbone of any household or society and their need to be cared for. Global Fighters is an organization which is not only solely on charity but also in self-reliance. Here we are foraying to generate income and employment to these artisans and make them strong enough to survive on their own. Health and hygiene issues are also discussed and highlighted and regular workshops are conducted.

At Global Fighters, we are training artisans in different fields (hand work, stitching, weaving and other handicrafts) as per their interests.

At times, household circumstances and restrictions deter them to take up jobs outside their homes so through Global Fighters we are providing them training from professionals so that they can earn extra income and contribute to their family needs and educate their children in better schools.

To support this cause, Global Fighters has opened an outlet by the name of Golden Cocoon where their hand embroidered sarees, suits, bags are showcased and sold and the income generated from these sales is sent back to them.

So guys, we would like everyone to get connected with us and help bringing smiles on their face and a confidence of self-reliance.

Children Education
Children are basic foundation of any country. Educating a child means contributing to development of our nation. People nowadays have immense enthusiasm, money and desire to do charity and extend support but busy lifestyle and hectic work schedules deter them to do so. Connecting to a noble and social cause is a big challenge. We at Global Fighters have taken up this challenge with full hope and goodwill. We are trying to connect people to do so their own capacity. Its all about connecting with us at your comfort level and will.

Over the time we found that quite a few kids want to study but due to various issues their parents are unable to educate them. The kids are smart and are willing to learn in a given environment but does not have money and resources. Global Fighters are willing to hold their hands and take them forward towards their dreams... with your support.

Only education in school is not the criteria but grooming them to become responsible citizens is equally a challenge and a task to reckon to. Their day-to-day homework and basic needs are to be monitored closely. So through Global Fighters you can contribute to any single requirement of them or adopt entire the children requirement as per your will.

For that, you can do advance payment (minimum one year) direct /indirect to the school or to Global Fighters. You can stay connected to the child by visiting him/her regularly. All the receipts/records will be maintained duly.