About Global Fighters
Global Fighters wishes to take up the mission to bring back the smile on the crying faces, food to hungry, comfort to the ones in pain, home to homeless, clothes to the bare, education to the illiterate and above all HOPE to the ones in despair. We seek participation from all sects to help us propagate this wave of love, care, humility and empathy in our society.

This is a team effort to pay back as an individual, as a family and as Global Fighters. This planet has nurtured us with its rich heritage, culture and value system. As a link of this chain we must take it as a responsibility to keep the flame burning strong and passing it down to responsible hands. We see our society going through harsh realities of life, where there is ill treatment done towards senior citizens, women are treated as commodity, domestic violence, female feticides, sickness and illness, wastage and issues like global warming.

  • Our school student topped area in board exams 2015.
  • Session 2016 starting at 1st April.
  • One more water purifier donated to school.
  • Need volunteers for a new education place in south Delhi area.
  • Introducing new foreign members and supporters in global fighters.