Q. What does Global Fighters do?
A. Global Fighters (GF) is a charitable organization dedicated to fighting against global inequities. Currently it is helping in educating children who have the will and want to study. At GF we are raising funds to help people who are suffering from physical disabilities and conducting workshops to promote sanitization . GF is also helping in generating income and employment to artisans specializing in hand embroidery.

Q. When was GF found and why?
A. GF was found in 2012 by Ms Shalini Diwan with Veeta Singh and Himanshu Chaudhary and a group of friends from different walks of life. Ms Shalini Diwan is the founder of GF. GF is governed by 5 member governing body.

Q. Are u a registered body?
A. GF is a charitable trust registered as Article 64 Trust.


Q. How can I volunteer with Global Fighters?
A. Anyone and everyone irrespective of any age, gende, education, nationality can volunteer with GF .If you have the will and inclination to serve you can be a volunteer , even by sitting at home. Our website has all the details OF OUR WORK AND MISSION, once u click on it

Q. Do I have to pay any membership fee to be a member /volunteer?
A. No there is no membership fee in joining GF. You can join as per your will and capacity.

Q. If I want to send money by cheque /draft in whose name shall I make the cheque?
A. All donations will be made in the name of Global Fighters. Please make sure you get the receipt for the same and please give your details (pan card no., name, address, contact no.) at the time of donation. It is mandatory to give this information as per law.

Q. Will I get the certificate if I volunteer with Global Fighters?
A. On request you will be given a certificate for work and devotion of time that you have put in.