About Us

We felt there is various societal needs which imp-inch the bottom of the pyramid segment of our rapidly changing society. One need we felt was access to quality primary education for children from below the poverty line segment of the society. Though various government initiatives exists to address these issues, we thought that through Global Fighters we will bring in experts to tackle it and raise funds to implement the way in which these issues need to be addressed.
Another issue that we observed was that India was producing and exporting immense quantity of handicraft products ,but poor artisans who were creating these beautiful objects and cloths did not get their due and renumeration for their effort.
With these thoughts Ms Shalini and Mr Himanshu got together and started this NGO.

  • Our school student topped area in board exams 2015.
  • Session 2016 starting at 1st April.
  • One more water purifier donated to school.
  • Need volunteers for a new education place in south Delhi area.
  • Introducing new foreign members and supporters in global fighters.